Free of Cost Counselling

AAERI Australia members are volunteering their services free of cost to any student or their family who are facing any hardships during these times. If you have issues or questions about your student visa, course, institutions or making travel arrangements to India please contact any of the members listed. Free of Cost.

About AAERI Australian Chapter

The AAERI Australian Chapter is association of professional education agencies in Australia dedicated in helping prospective students explore higher education options and opportunities in Australia . This is a non-profit association of professional education agents who are members of AAERI India and have operations in Australia.. The objective is to assure the integrity and credibility of agencies that are recruiting on behalf of Australian education and training institutes.

The establishment of AAERI Australian Chapter was an initiative of members of AAERI India and AAERI and is for residing in Australia and having operations in India to be able to collaborate and exchange ideas onshore. The association is incorporated in November 2015 under the Association Incorporation reforms act 2012, Victoria. Later in June 2018 its name changed to AAERI Australian Chapter.

AAERI Australian Chapter has developed a set of ethical guidelines (Principles of Good Practice) based on Australian Government’s ESOS Act that will govern the actions of agents in their relationship with students, parents, colleagues and education institutes. All members agree to abide by the “Principles of Good Practice” and other policies of this association.

Our News

  • Minister responds to Aus course hopping concerns

    Consultation will begin on a revised Australian national code of practice for international educators, which will take into account international students changing courses. More...
  • Exclusive: Some HEIs accept paying Indian GST to agents

    Universities in Australia, Ireland and Canada have begun paying Indian GSTpassed onto them by their agents, but controversy and frustrations remain as providers work out how to apply the tax. More...
  • Australia releases India economic strategy, aims to give big push to bilateral trade

    The strategy prioritizes economic and trade opportunities in India across 10 states covering 10 sectors.More...
  • Student to drive apartment demand

    The growth in international students in Australia will be a key driver of apartment demand in 2016, Colliers International has said. More...
  • PTE Academic accepted for Australian visas

    This week, we are thrilled to announce that PTE Academic can now be used to apply for Australian visas. More...
  • Future directions for streamlined visa processing

    On 16 June 2015 the Australian Government released the Future directions for streamlined visa processing report and announced the introduction of...More...
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