Advertising Norms

Advertisement norms to be followed by AAERI members:

The advertising rules are formulated after consultation with AAERI and in order to regulate advertisement activities, promote Australian education business and protect the legitimate rights of prospective students, agents and institutes and to enable advertisements to play a positive role in marketing Australian education and Institutes.

All AAERI members will abide by these rules. Strict disciplinary action may be considered where an advertisement is published in violation of this Advertising Policy.

  • All advertisements should not contain any false or misleading information and shall not mislead any students. All the members should follow principles of fairness, honesty and credibility.
  • All advertisements should be true to the facts, lawful and compliance with the ESOS Act and Australian immigration laws.
  • An advertisement shall not involve any of the following:
    • Using the names and logos of Australian Government organizations or any of their functionaries without their clear permission for the same.
    • Using the sentences such as "Official Australian Education Fair", "Australian Government" etc in their education fairs and promotions.
    • Using the words which guarantees jobs, working, employment in Australia and any references to permanent residence regulations should be made only in accordance with Australian Governments Immigration Regulations which allows reference to the website.
    • Should not guarantee approval of visa or use words such as "Guarantee Visa"
    • Should not offer discounts in fee and other incentives like gifts, free air tickets, money backs and free accommodation.
  • Members may not engage in unfair competition of any form in their advertising activity.
  • Members should advertise only institutes:
    • they are authorized to represent; and
    • with whom they have concluded a written agency agreement.
  • Prior permission for advertisements should be obtained from each of the respective institutes before they advertise those institutes or use their logos.
  • It is recommended to use AAERI logos in all members’ advertisements to promote AAERI
  • Any claims that cannot be made substantiated like "Best" or "No.1" should not be made in the advertisements
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